About Pleasing Hands®

Asian-Flower.jpgPLEASE READ the following information on the type of service this is and is not. We would like to be sure that all our new clients understand the aim of this service, so they can determine if this type of massage is right for their needs.

We pride ourselves in having integrity, respect for our clients, and being highly-skilled in this art form. This is unique in this business. The majority of our clients are tired of being talked down to in erotic media. They want their bodies respected as well as their minds. So do we! We offer you professionalism, safety, sensitivity, and thoughtfulness.

Perhaps you have sensed a longing for more of a release in life, one filled with a sensual experience, possibly spiritual growth, and definitely more satisfaction in the body.  The clients who seek out our massage reflect this energy and desire. They are open to self-discovery, exploration, and fulfillment. However, massage, just like sex, thrives in warmth and privacy. It responds well to soft music, candlelight, and scented oils. It is about touch, trust and tenderness. And because of these factors, massage is often used as a disguise for prostitution. The word “massage” often conjures up sleazy images of massage parlors, masseuses and other shady denotations. Therefore, professional Massage Therapists tend to make a special effort to distance themselves from the undeniably erotic nature of massage, and from the sordid images that do not pertain to them.

There is no denying, however, our fundamental desire for touch. Warm, bare skin-on-skin is a powerful thing. It sustains life, comforts the soul, and awakens the senses. They might not want to admit it, but all Massage Therapists are paid to bring people physical pleasure. And it is difficult to drizzle oil all over a naked body without imagining some sexual feelings. To neutralize this sexual charge, and frankly because many people are afraid of the power of these pleasurable feelings, Massage Therapists tend to create a clinical environment and demeanor. Formal draping procedures, a gender-neutral uniform, and medical terminology are all employed to create the effect of being in a doctor’s office. This works for some clients and may be what they’re looking for.

However, not everyone wants a clinical massage, and not all Massage Therapists shy away from eroticism. So Pleasing Hands® rises naked from the sea, like Aphrodite. She is known as the Goddess of eroticism, love, beauty, and pleasure. It is from her name that we derive the word “aphrodisiac”. Pleasing Hands® does not offer sex of any kind. But, we do offer an extremely attentive and sensual hands-on healing experience with a focus on bringing you the best release possible both physically and emotionally.img21Pleasing Hands®, Therapeutic Sensual Massage®, and Bondassage® are all Registered Trademarks (TM) (R)